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My paintings are oil and acrylic on canvas. They represents images which are related to emotional states and environmental issues, such as health. Also, I try paint in the way which should be seen as a plain formation of color surfaces.

“Involved” is a portrait of my husband; I tried to show an emotional type of image which represents involvement with his professional work. 
With “Addiction” I tried to address the smoking habit as an environmental and health and  issue.

“Dusty Rain”, “Traffic” and “Heat Wave” are the images with which I show  imaginary cities with conceptual depictions of roads, cars and pedestrian waiting areas together with building shells. Specifically, I tried to address the factors, such as atmospheric change, heat, smog and precipitation.

“Dusty Rain”
“Heat Wave”

Painting “Link” represents layers of imaginative colorful papers/ With painted tapes I tried to show  the connected layers.


Short Resume

I was born in Slovenia and am citizen of United States of America.

My basic education  in Art and Science  was in Slovenia that was supplemented with a few continuing education semesters in United States.

My participation includes group and solo exhibitions.

In 2009, 2008, 2001, 1998, 1997, 1996 and 1992 my artwork was  selected for National Juried Shows in United States, and in the year  2008 my painting was chosen for the International Juried Exhibition, also in United States.

In 1986, before I moved to the United States, my work was included at the International Juried Show in France.

A few of my works are on display at regular yearly group shows. Some were also chosen for the Open Juried Exhibitions at National Art Clubs.

 My paintings were awarded in years of 2009, 2005, 2001, 1992, 1990.

  Elvira Dimitrij
  1196 De Kalb Ave
  Atlanta, GA 30307
  (404) 524-2222